Web Hosting

Dedicated performace

Slow load speeds is the number one reason for high bounce rates. Our dedicated servers will optimize your website for max speed, decreasing

Website Maintenance

Not only do we host your website but we also include 1-2 hours of maintenance. Any additions or edits needed for your website we will do & bill it to your plan.

Company Emails

Take your business to a new level of professionalism with company emails fully accessible by your whole team.

Secure Backups

We take mandatory backups of your site to ensure its safety & longevity. If any issues were to arise, we will just load the last backup with absolutely no down time.


Have a question or concern about your site or hosting? Ask us & we will respond to you ASAP. No more waiting hours & possibly days to get a response.

Daily Website Updates

There are new plugin updates released almost daily. Hosting your website with us means we will keep all your plugins up to date.

Standerd Hosting

For any Static WordPress Website
$ 180
  • Monthly Backups
  • 10 Company Emails
  • 1 Hour of Labor

E-Commerce Hosting

Powerful hosting
$ 336
  • Monthly Backups
  • 10 Company Emails
  • 2 Hours of Labor